Welcome in My Blog..!! πŸ™‚


Name of the owner: Marcellino Erlangga

City: Cirebon

Hoby: count and Natural Science experiment and theory


Thank you for visit my blog.. I write many about healths, because I want to be a doctor.. But not only health that I write, but also some others educations and mostly about nature.

About me, I like natural science much better than social science.. So, to be a doctor, I must take the right choice.. And I think, this choice is so great!

Natural science that I like is.. The human body..! Blood, breathe, internal and external organ, and etc, which related to human.. So, this way make me feel easier to reach my star ——->become a doctor who always helps many people.. πŸ™‚

I will write my opinion and information about health too.. I hope these informations can help you..

Many things about health that we haven’t discovered yet… But, we can try to discover all of it! Health is so important, because without health, we can’t do our activities and the result must be not as good as if we healthy.. So,please feel free to look my blog, and of course, feel free to comment my posts..

Oh yeah, now I write story and joke too.. I hope those posts can entertain you.. Jokes make you laugh, and stories make you feel happy or something related to ‘happy’.. Hehehe

If your opinion say this blog is not too good, please tell me honestly, because I need it for repairement..


OK, thank you for see “about”Β  in my blog, and if you want to become my friend, feel free to add me:

-facebook: marcellino.erlangga@yahoo.com

-twitter: @marcell1112

-yahoomessanger: marcel_ajp@yahoo.co.id


See you later in the comments of my posts! πŸ˜€


Note:Enjoy your day! God Bless You πŸ™‚



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